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The Coffee

Six-time Coffee Cupping Finals.  Smooth, graceful flavor.  Farm-direct, aromatic arabica beans. 

The Farmer

Coffee farmer, Wilfred Yamasawa, wakes up every day before the sun to tend to his 3-acre farm.  “There’s always a lot to do on a farm especially when you’re the only one working on it,” chuckles Wilfred.  This farmer does every aspect of farming from planting the trees to picking the beans to drying the parchment solo.  The only part of the coffee process that he trusts to experts is the roasting and packaging process.  “We have a highly capable local Kona-based company that does an excellent job,” he explains.

Looking at his farm, Wilfred muses, “Sometimes people will say, why don’t you hire workers to do the picking for you; it’s so tedious to do all the work yourself.  Those people don’t understand, I enjoy the hard work, it’s part of being a farmer, it’s part of who I am.”

Growing up in Honaunau, along the coffee belt, Wilfred is a third generation coffee farmer.  “I was picking coffee as soon as I could walk.  My parents would take us into the land to work and learn the process so that we could contribute the family as soon as possible.  Hard work runs in my blood.” When it was time to start his own family, Wilfred picked a plot of land not far from where he grew up, and decided that he would continue the tradition of growing coffee.

“Most people think the best way to get good coffee is to treat the trees really well.  Water them often, spray a lot of insecticides so the trees don’t have to fight any pests, but I’ve found the best thing to do is to let nature do its thing.  Unlike a lot of other big farms, I don’t irrigate, and I let the trees feel a little bit of stress.  I’ve found the best coffee comes from that.

“What makes my coffee different? It’s smooth, there’s no bitterness.  The flavor of the coffee comes in waves.  That’s what I tell people who visit the farm: the coffee has waves of flavor.”

Why Kona’s Best Coffee Company deserves its name

“Hey, I pick all my own coffee,”  Wilfred smiles.  “If it isn’t a perfect bean, it doesn’t go in my basket.”

“A lot of my coffee is extra fancy grade and fancy grade,” Wilfred explains.  “I sort through all 2,000 pounds plus with a hand sifter to get the extra fancy beans.  Those are the larger beans.  This takes hours.  I wouldn’t do it any other way, but it’s time consuming.  I have to sleep so I don’t hand-sift the fancy grade beans out from the regular estate grade coffee.

Unlike other farms that separate the fancy beans out from their regular coffee, Wilfred does not.  Those farms tend to be a little larger, they hire workers, they have large machines, or at least they have another person helping them so they can do that.

Wilfred elaborates, “Time-wise, I have to leave those fancy beans in the regular estate grade coffee.  My farmer friends tell me I should sort it out, get more from the farm, but then I wouldn’t sleep so I just let my customers get a great deal.”

What People are Saying

The best Kona coffee anywhere.  Customer for years.  Thanks Yamasawa Family!

Paul J. from Marietta, Georgia

Great Coffee.

Ethan L. from State College, Pennsylvania

I absolutely just love this coffee!  I’ll be back for more guaranteed!  Thanks…If I could move there and be your next door neighbor, I would!  Love your coffee.

Kathy K. from Elgin, Illinois

Great coffee every time!

Troy K. from Odessa, Washington

Item as described.  A+ communication. Very prompt shipment.  No problems. Thanks!

Nick C. from Salem, Oregon

Consistently good.  Very good coffee.  Impeccable communication and delivery.

Gregory B. from Garland, Texas

As always your coffee is the best around.

Terry P. from Buckley, Washington

I am a satisfied, repeat customer for a reason.  Great coffee!

Ivars B. from San Juan, Puerto Rico

Excellent as always! Great brew!  Lightning fast shipping. Mahalo!!

Dean J. from Pepperell, Massachusetts

Yum, yum, yum! Fast, fresh, excellent seller.  Fourth year buying this coffee!

Alex O. from Altamont, New York