• PRE-SALE Peaberry Medium-Dark Roast – 16 oz

Pre-sale coming soon December 2022. 

This is a pre-sale. Your order will be shipped in 5-7 days. 

One-pound of 100% Kona peaberry coffee cultivated from our farm. The rarest form of coffee with an exceptional taste. You grind the beans to brew for the freshest cup with waves of flavor and no bitter aftertaste. 

Peaberry is an extremely rare form of bean that is created when only one seed develops in a pod rather than two.  It’s the best tasting berry of all the berries, and due to its round shape, it roasts better in the roaster.  All of these factors, create the most potent and robust tasting coffee with our famous waves of flavor after each relished sip.

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PRE-SALE Peaberry Medium-Dark Roast – 16 oz

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